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Many people ask me the question, how much do call center employees make? It is a common question. I receive questions like, how much were they paid in the past, how much have their compensation increased over the years and what are future plans for raises. The truth of the matter is that all call center employees make less than minimum wage. However, there are some key factors that affect how much these individuals make.

When a business owner to open a call center they usually have one of two choices, offer employment or not. Many businesses choose to offer employment because they believe it is more efficient to outsource the work to an outside company. However, by outsourcing the work to a call center the employees don’t have the benefits offered by an at home office. The reason call center employees make less than an hourly employee working from home is because of the nature of the work they perform.

When these individuals work they are not on site receiving instruction, but instead they are remote, which means they are receiving instructions from a call center supervisor who is in another location. Since each call center employees make less money than an hourly employee working from home, they often feel they don’t have any control over how much they make. For example, if an angry customer needs help they will be told to speak with the supervisor not the person that just called. Often times the supervisor that is in another location will issue instructions verbally instead of raising their hand or physically handing it to the person that called. This is what leads to some employees calling in sick or leaving work early because they can’t stand the amount of time spent working.

Another factor that affects how much do call center employees make is the type of employer they work for. Some employers will cover the expenses of employees like housing and health benefits, while others won’t. There are also those employers that will deduct their expenses from their paycheck, which means that all the income a worker makes is tax-free. These companies know that their employees make more money when they are properly taken care of and often have special programs for those who qualify.

How much do call center employees make also depends on the specific needs of each call center as well as the customer. Some businesses have several customer service representatives that work together as a team and all handle different types of calls. If a business has call center employees that only take calls about products, the sales will be lower since those customers aren’t likely to need technical support. However, if a business has several agents that work together and one representative takes a call about a technical problem with a product the sales could be much higher.

Learning how much do call center employees make also depends on the training that is given to individual agents. If an agent has never handled a call it may take a little more training time but there is no real drawback to having older employees that have never been trained on how to deal with customers. If the business has a high turn over rate employees can often make more money than less experienced employees. The downside is that if an older employee makes mistakes there is a good chance the business may be sued for not providing the appropriate training.

How much do call center employees make also depends on how many customers the call center receives in any given day. Businesses that receive a large amount of calls during any given day will obviously pay more for call center employees because it costs more to run the call center. Some businesses have to deal with hundreds or thousands of calls every single day and this means that the cost of labor becomes very high. On the other hand businesses that receive very few calls may find it cheaper to outsource some of their work to other countries.

When answering phones, each employee receives different training depending on which department they work in. Call centers are generally a very stressful environment, so it helps to know that employees can receive help when needed. Most call centers have supervisors that help train employees on how to deal with customers and what to do when a problem comes up. The only other thing a supervisor can do is make sure calls are answered and calls are routed correctly. Without help from a supervisor in a call center can quickly become chaotic.

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