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Call Center Helper is a very important part of a call center as it is the very first thing that a prospective customer hears from an inbound call center agent. And depending upon the time of day, the potential customer may be on the verge of being irritated and may already have experienced a very long call wait. This means a poor image to the potential client and a potential failure to close the sale. Therefore, a call center helper must fill a lot of requirements.

Good Call Center Helper The first requirement for a good call center helper is that they must be able to speak to the customers in a good language. It is also imperative that they learn the local language and should be familiar with the local dialect. This will ensure that they do not offend the customers and also help them to speak faster than the agents and can handle a lot of calls at one go. Although this requirement may seem quite obvious a lot of call center agents do not understand their customer’s accent and can often get confused.

Supportive and helpful A Call Center Helper should not be too intimidating and appears as a cold caller as this will not help the process of understanding the customers. Instead, he should be friendly and presentable always smiling, and be willing to give the customers support even if it is not required. This helps the customer to feel that you are there for him and not just for yourself. This will improve the call center experience as the customers are happy and the agents are encouraged to work harder improving productivity.

High KPI A Call Center Helper should have high KPI tracking so that there is a clear flow of new referrals as and when required and also so that performance indicators are adjusted automatically. There are certain indicators like average call time, average call rate, maximum call wait time, the maximum number of abandoned calls, etc that will help evaluate the performance. If there is variation in these KPI’s then it will be very difficult for a Call Center helper to keep up the service level.

Commitment and punctuality The commitment of a call center helper should be such that it enables him to give 100% without any complaints. If the agents are not able to give 100% then there is no point in hiring them. For example, if there is a slump in business due to some reason then it should not matter to the agents as they should not blame the management. The agents must remain punctual and should not lose focus on their targets.

Tracking and recording Another important aspect of a call center helper’s role is tracking and recording all call center activities. Different tools can be used for this purpose like software and excel sheets. Call center management software provides all the information about the calls made by the agents and also the results of those calls. This software also provides reports about call center performance, the average number of calls per hour, average call time and agent productivity, etc. Most of the software provides details regarding call center overhead expenses and contact center costs etc.

Many different types of tools are available for tracking the call flows. Some of them are web-based and others are desktop-based. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Web-based tools are very easy to use because many different websites can be connected to and so monitoring the call flows becomes very easy.

Some of the tools are very useful for measuring the after-call work time, average handle time, average call time, and other statistics. Some tools also provide the option of creating custom reports. Call center management software provides different options for pre and post-call work time reports. These reports can be used for decision-making by the management team. Many customer service companies make use of customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep a track of their customers and their activities.

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