Why Freelancers Should Use a outsourcely Platform to Find Work


Outsourcely is a web-based platform that aims to link businesses with various freelancers around the globe. That sounds a bit like Upworker. But there are really two major differences. First of all, you don’t have to worry about your job and the boss finding out about it. This kind of freelance work doesn’t involve the kind of “hush hush” factor that Upwork is famous for.

And, you’re not required to search out and hire an actual freelancer (although there are certain advantages to hiring one through outsourcely). Instead, you simply provide a basic profile of what you want and the platform then matches the highest bidding candidates to you. If you’re a company looking to outsource one of many tasks, you can simply send in a list of skills and expertise and Outsourcely will do the rest. It’s completely automated and the perks are incredible.

When I first heard about Outsourcely I was a little skeptical. After all, what could it offer that other freelance websites don’t? Could they really get paid more? Could they really outsource to countries like India and Philippines where the pay rate is much higher than in the west? The answer to those questions is yes and the advanced membership perks are just icing on the cake.

Here’s how outsourcely works: once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to search through hundreds of freelancers and companies all looking for qualified freelancers to perform a wide range of tasks. Once you’ve found some interesting profiles, you can then send them an “ask” and you’ll immediately begin negotiating the price, turnaround times, scope, and other details of your project. If a freelancer doesn’t have the ability or time to spend a large amount of time on a single project, then they’ll likely pass on your project. For this reason, most freelancers choose to work on small projects over long-term engagements. As a result, they end up making less money but outsourcely gives them the opportunity to work on the bigger projects that bring in more money.

Another perk that makes outsourcely stand out from other online freelance platforms is that they include a wide variety of perks that other platforms don’t offer. For example, all of their projects are listed in their marketplace section and you can search through all of them. You’ll be able to see the skills they have, their qualifications, and even the reviews posted by past employers. This makes it easy for you to determine which skills they possess and gives you the chance to contact them directly. Most of the other platforms just leave their employers’ information on the bottom of each freelance job, never to be contacted by the employee again.

Finally, another perk that Outsourcely offers to its users is the ability to search for job posts on workew. Unlike a number of other job boards, workew includes only the listings of employers, not job posts. In addition to that, they also feature an advanced search option that allows you to refine your search by location, keywords, and many other parameters so that you can find jobs more effectively.

The best thing about Outsourcely isn’t necessarily its features though, but how it caters to the needs of its freelancers. Rather than having to jump through hoops to locate and apply for jobs, many freelancers prefer to outsource their work to a remote worker who is located all around the globe. Outsourcely works perfectly well for those freelancers because they can submit their project details to companies all over the world and get paid for it instantly. If you’re a freelancer looking for a way to make more money, you should definitely check out the opportunity to outsource your projects to a reputable freelance job board like Outsourcely.

Another great feature of this website is that it provides its users with a simple interface to create a profile, specify their prices, and search for projects. Because it’s all done from the same platform, you don’t have to switch back and forth between different platforms to do your job hunting. For established and experienced freelancers, this may seem a bit too convenient, but it can be very helpful to those just starting out. For those just entering the freelance world or those who may find it difficult to commit to a certain project for a long period of time, a freelance platform such as this could be the perfect solution. Freelance platforms such as Fiverr, oDesk, and others are all great places to find work; the trick is to make sure that you’re using the right one.

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