How Can a Virtual Assistant Be a Security Risk?


So, you asked yourself; how can a Virtual Assistant be a security risk? In this article we are going to discuss three things that a Virtual Assistant should never do. We are also going to educate users on why these things should never be done by any Virtual Assistant. Hopefully, after reading this, you will not have a clear picture of what a Virtual Assistant should not do when in the office.

First off, I would like to point out that any Virtual Assistant who chooses to educate users on any security best practice, they run the risk of being fired. Any Virtual Assistant that telling their clients that they have a choice in how they conduct business is in violation of federal security laws. Any VAN operator that tries to teach users anything that goes against the security laws that they work in, they run the risk of being thrown in jail. Additionally, any VAN operator who tries to educate users on bypassing firewalls is in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAAA). This acts as a direct violation of any VAN operator who chooses to tell any client that they can bypass any security measure put into place to prevent harm to others.

Next, any VAN that instructs its clients to choose two answers when asked the question, how can a virtual private server be a security risk, runs the risk of being shut down. All of the information that is on a VPS will be completely and exclusively owned by the person who leases it. Therefore, if the company owner decides to shut down the server, they completely take ownership of it and can go through all of the data on it to find out who rented it. Any Virtual Assistant that chooses to answer three when asked the question, how can a virtual private server be a security risk, they run the risk of getting fired. Any Virtual Assistant that chooses to answer two when asked that question is also at risk of losing their job.

Any company that tells its customers that they can answer three different questions when they are asking how can a virtual private server be a security risk, while forgetting to mention the most important piece of information, which is the MAC address. MAC addresses are only set by the MAC card in the laptops that users connect to a VAN. Therefore, if a VAN is used for two separate purposes, and the company chooses to use two different MAC addresses for each, the user who has access to the VAN will see two different results. This is the major security best practice that any responsible VAN provider must always adhere to.

The final thing that a VAN administrator should remember when answering questions on how can a virtual private server be a security risk is to make sure that they are choosing the appropriate VAN for the purpose of the job. In the example above, a business using a single network of ten laptops would see ten different IP addresses from one VAN. However, a larger business using a single wireless network of one hundred laptops would see one hundred different IP addresses from one single VAN. If a smaller business were to attempt to use a larger VAN for the purpose of protecting twenty laptops, it could see twenty different connections to the outside world, all using different MAC addresses.

How can a virtual private server be a security risk? Any company that answers the question how can a virtual private server be a security risk, must choose two things: one, a company must choose two MAC addresses for each of their ten laptops. Any company that chooses to use more than two MAC addresses is putting itself at risk of giving the hacker another option to break into the network. Two, the company must choose two different VPN servers and configure them on each laptop. Again, if a larger company uses a larger VPN server, it can see twenty different connections, all using different MAC addresses.

So, how can a virtual private server be a security risk? A business that works with VPS or virtual private servers is putting itself at serious risk of exposing its users to all types of risks. By doing this, the business is increasing the chances that a hacker will find a way into the network. But, if a business also keeps the proper firewalls installed on the server, as well as keeps its software updated at all times, then the chance of a security vulnerability is greatly reduced.

Just remember, a virtual private server or VPS is still just that, a virtual private server. A business can take steps to improve their security posture by choosing two different VPN servers and keeping all of their applications and software up-to-date at all times. A business can also choose to use one of the many security appliances like intrusion detection systems or even an application level firewall that are available for much less money than a physical dedicated firewall.

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