How Many Virtual Assistants Are There?


There have been an endless number of online and offline surveys asking the question, “How many virtual assistants are there?” But when it comes down to it, the answer depends on who you ask. For a small business owner, there may only be one or two. This is because this owner has probably already built a solid relationship with his/her VA and knows what is possible and what isn’t. For larger businesses, a handful may be the norm, but for each employee there should be at least 3.

But the thing about hiring a virtual assistant is that you never know how your VA is going to work out. It may be that they can’t pull off some aspects of your business in order to meet your deadlines. It may also be that they simply don’t want to work anymore. In either case, you will need to re-evaluate the decision you made and find a new virtual assistant to replace the one you’ve just lost.

However, there are a number of ways to get the real answers you’re looking for when you are asking yourself, “How many virtual assistants are there?” You can begin with an online search. There are plenty of websites dedicated to answering this question, and these sites can give you a rough idea of who can be expected to help you with your workload. They can even provide you with a current list of all active VAs in your area. By keeping track of this data, you will be able to keep tabs on the progress of your search, and this is definitely important.

Another way to get the answer you are seeking is to check out a private networking site. The reason I recommend this is because there are likely to be a lot of members in your area who have been working with virtual assistants. They will be more than happy to let you know who they have worked with in the past, and they will also be more than willing to share their success stories with you. This is definitely a great way to find out how many assistants you will need to hire. After you’ve got a list of VAs in your area, you can then contact each one individually to find out whether or not they are willing to work with you.

If it’s clear from the answers you get to the question, “How many virtual assistants are there?” that you will definitely need a team of people to help you run your business, then you should look at a hiring company. Virtual assistant hiring companies do just what the name says: they hire virtual assistants (or VAs) to work for them. A good hiring company will tell you upfront the number of employees the firm has available, so you will know right away if you are working with the right person. Since the cost of hiring this number of employees is low, the money you save by not having to pay each individual employee, will be considerable.

You may be wondering, however, how you can know how many VAs there are in your area without contacting them directly. The fact is, there is no magic way to know how many virtual assistants are there without asking them. However, you may be able to get a rough estimate by looking at the services of a couple virtual assistant hiring companies.

Once you have done some simple research, you will know how many VAs there are in your area. However, because businesses are really competitive these days, you shouldn’t always assume that there are only two or three VAs available to hire. While it may be true that there are a couple of vases available in your area, it may be worth it to spend a little bit of time searching for a virtual assistant in another location, since the cost of travel can really add up! So, while how many virtual assistants are there?

To answer the question, “How many virtual assistants are there? “, you need to ask yourself how much time do you have on your hands. If you work full-time and have a lot of free time, it might be more practical to hire a virtual assistant (VA) than it would be to try to find and hire a secretary to take on some of your duties. Virtual assistants often give you more freedom to choose projects and handle them in your own way, which means that they can provide you with more flexibility in your work-life balance.

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