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Virtual Assistants (VA) has a wide variety of job titles, but a few are more common than others. When selecting a virtual assistant, the hiring manager should pay close attention to the VA tagline. This is one of the first things a client will notice about a virtual assistant and it is important to capture the attention of the client immediately. Here are some of the top ideas for a VA tagline:

. “My Virtual Assistant makes me feel like an important Business Partner.” This is a great tagline for a business that is looking to bring a virtual assistant into their office. Make sure that you explain why you want to do business with them and that your VA’s job will help you accomplish your goals. Make your virtual assistant feel important and you will have a highly productive team working for you.

. “My VA creates long-term professional relationships that benefit both our company and our clients.” As with any other business, virtual assistant duties will vary depending on the size of your business. A virtual assistant with large responsibilities might call the shots on how duties are handled and when they need to be completed. A VA with many smaller responsibilities might have a hand in training new employees, implementing projects, and providing support for clients.

. “My VA is committed to helping my clients succeed by helping them get more done, while spending less time doing the things they don’t care about.” Clients know when they hire a virtual assistant that their work is in good hands. Create a tagline that emphasizes this commitment, showing your clients just what they mean when they hire you.

. “My VA gives me the freedom to live my life my way.” Clients want to know that their virtual assistant has a job that allows him or her to pursue personal interests. This could be golfing for example. You can also show them that you’re a great dad (even if you’re not! ).

. “My VA keeps me motivated, but I do it on my own. I control my own schedule, which gives me more time for personal matters such as spending time with my kids.” If you like to travel and enjoy taking care of your family as well, make this a tagline for your virtual assistant job description.

. “My VA helps me learn new technology and uses technical skills, but we do it together.” Your VA might use your computer skills to train your staff in the new software, but you can help set the pace of your work, too.

Your tagline needs to be short, sweet, and memorable. Keep it short and sweet because it’s not the most important thing. It’s OK to include a little history about you, as long as you leave a couple of minutes open for a link to your website so people can get more information about you. And don’t be afraid to use some “I love you” type of sentiment. It’s actually better that way, because people will relate more with a virtual assistant than they would with a secretary or other kind of receptionist.

A catchy tagline can be written simply by using some commonly-used words and phrases. Try starting your tagline with the word “you.” This will give your clients a direct emotional connection with you. Think about the last time you really cared about something, and then write your tagline that way. Then add a personal touch to it by explaining why you’re saying it.

One way to make your taglines stand out is to use them several times in one email or newsletter message. Practice writing them so that you get the feel for what it’s like to have a busy day and need to come up with ideas quickly. Get a few practice emails out there from when you’re just starting out. Make a few changes to the existing tags to see how you do and watch your traffic grow.

You can also add some humor with an idea for a virtual assistant. This can be done through a simple process of making the pitch, followed by a joke. Try to make your tagline as lighthearted as possible, but still professional. If you are delivering something serious to a potential client, use the same tone of voice. You will lose a lot of credibility if your emails are filled with heavy-duty business talk and never funny at all.

Keep in mind that it’s important to be as professional as possible with your tagline. A bad tagline can turn off your clients and make you seem too casual to be a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants need to look professional in their taglines. Here are a few more tagline ideas to get you started:

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