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Many people are wary about hiring a virtual assistant (VA) on Fiverr. They feel it is too risky and untrustworthy. They think it takes too much work to be worth it. But what can you expect from a virtual assistant that offers a valuable service for a price? Here is a look at what some of the top virtual assistants do on Fiverr and how they do it.

Clients are impressed by how quickly their requests go through to the next stage. Even though it may cost a bit more to have a VA perform this service, it is well worth the cost because of the extra business and relaxation that come from a virtual assistant’s skills. As an added bonus, many clients come back to hire more virtual assistants in the future because of the experience that they get out of hiring a VA. A professional virtual assistant can do almost anything that can be done by a fulltime employee. And this includes the hiring, training and grooming of the new employee as well.

The services that virtual assistant offers are usually on a pay-per-service basis. That means you only pay for the tasks or services that your virtual assistant is going to perform for you. You don’t pay for anything extra. This is a great option for those who need a wider range of services or a high level of personalized assistance. It is also ideal for someone who doesn’t want to deal with all the logistics of hiring another person just to perform one task for them.

One thing to keep in mind when hiring a virtual assistant is how much you want to build a relationship with them. As your business grows and you have many clients, it may be easier and less time consuming to hire a virtual assistant than it would be to try to hire and develop a relationship with each individual client. The best virtual assistants will always be available for you through email, phone or Skype. They should always be willing to provide you with input, help and guidance based on their experience and knowledge of your industry. You should never feel like you are selling yourself or your company to the virtual assistant. A virtual assistant should be an extension of you, giving you the support you need to grow your business.

When you think about your gig, you should always consider what kind of relationship you would like to have with your virtual assistant. Do you want to have weekly meetings where you go over the goals for the week and brainstorm solutions to any problems? Or do you want them to send you links to the latest newsworthy items or simply pass along messages from your client?

Another consideration is the type of gig you are getting. Do you need a full time assistant who can answer your emails, make appointments for you and perform other tasks that require administrative support? Or do you need someone to perform clerical duties and handle projects that are out of your client’s remit?

Lastly, how comfortable are you with this new friendship that is growing between you and your virtual assistant? You need to trust them to do a good job because you hired them to do a good job. Your gig needs to be completed in a timely fashion. You don’t want to spend all week trying to get your client’s needs met and then have to wait for the completion date to come around. If your gig requires assistance with planning your next move, then you need to know how well your virtual assistant will work with your client’s personality and timetable. Will they stay for the long haul?

The gig is the most important part of the relationship between you and your virtual assistant. It allows you to get a clear picture of what kind of support you need. You should also know upfront how much you’re willing to pay for the service so that there are no surprises later. You may be able to negotiate a cheaper price if you can give some details about the gig to your virtual assistant beforehand. Asking a question before you start a gig will also make things easier because you won’t be leaving any stones unturned.

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