How Much Does a Virtual Customer Service Associate for Amazon Make


The question of how much does a Virtual Customer Service Associate earn from Amazon is a valid one to ask. After all, an associate’s job entails answering customer calls and assisting customers in some way. But the question is not simply, “How much does a Virtual Customer Service Associate earn?” The real question is “What kind of job is it?”

In one word, it’s a “virtual call center.” In another word, it is a “virtual sales support call center.” In yet another way, it is a “virtual customer service call center.” In any event, an associate at Amazon can be described as someone who does the following work:

She (the associate) does live telephone answering, inbound call center support, inbound telemarketing, outbound telemarketing, and outbound telemarketing calls. This means she gets calls on the job, but doesn’t actually go to those locations. Instead, she provides information on Amazon’s website and customer service sites, e-mail support, and suggestions about shopping on Amazon. She passes that information on to the appropriate associates, who in turn forward it on to the customer. For some calls, the associate may even have to make the initial call to the customer to try to get them to take action.

An associate’s responsibilities tend to change according to the type of call she takes. For instance, if she’s working at a call center in the middle of the night, she will likely be responsible for answering questions about order processing, shipping, returns, and other important sales topics. In the morning, she’ll be in the office taking orders for the day. Then, in the afternoon, she might be called to another part of the site to handle return traffic.

Of course, the duties won’t stop there. As an associate with Amazon, you will also need to make sure customer service is top priority. Your ultimate goal is to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. This means checking online for any negative feedback and addressing it as soon as possible. If something does happen to a customer order online, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the situation is resolved in a timely manner.

A lot of the work you do as an associate at Amazon involves talking to customers. You don’t have to do extensive research or anything like that. What you do need to do is make sure the customers’ needs are being met. For example, if someone is ordering a particular product from Amazon, it’s your responsibility to tell them if the product is available. If it isn’t, it’s your responsibility to find out why and what needs to be done in order to make the item available to the customer.

There are several other responsibilities that you will be required to carry out. Virtual customer service associates also handle customer inquiries and have to respond to them promptly. You will be required to inform the customer if you can’t answer their question because you don’t have all the information that they needed. You also have to know how to contact other customers in case they may also have a question about ordering products from Amazon.

Your job as a customer service associate for Amazon consists of more than just answering the phone. You should be an active part of the customer’s experience with the company. You can be an asset by helping the customer find the best products for their needs and buying recommendations for things to buy. As an associate for Amazon, you will be interacting with people all over the world, so it is important that you know how to conduct yourself when dealing with customers.

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